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Smartguard air – wireless access control keypad


Anti-knock shield

Smart guard keypad - 1000 users 3 outputs



For standalone access control at an entrance to a property, or inside a building, CENTURION offers the SMARTGUARD keypad which affordably delivers unmatched functionality and reliability.

Main features

·         The SMARTGUARD keypad can accommodate up to 1000 unique PIN codes 

·          There are three separate outputs -Such functionality caters for many different

·         The keypad also boasts a “downcounter” allowing select codes to have a limited number of uses.

·         The addition of the CENTURION SmartSwitch maximises security and ensures that even with the keypad mounted outside the property, it cannot be “hotwired” and the integrity of the site jeopardised.

·         settings and codes to be backed up and restored in seconds.

·         Multi-user capability

  • Selectively add and delete
  • The keypad also boasts a 'downcounter' allowing selected codes to have a limited number of uses.
  • Multichannel functionality
  • Secure - inside and out
  • Reliable memory backup


Additional Information

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